The Industrial Precinct is active and consists of marine services primarily dealing with ship lifts, ship repair plots, warehouses, workshops, as well as supporting retail and showrooms.

DMC Industrial

The Industrial Precinct consists of the following sections:


DMC workshops offer frontage parking with open space for loading/unloading and easy access of vessels. The space facilitates fabrication, erection, repairs, construction of marine vessels along with the provision for installation of machinery.

Workshops of two sizes are available within DMC:-

a. Small Workshops of size – 442 sq m / 4758 sq ft
b. Large workshops of size – 884 sq m / 9516 sq ft


Warehouses of 510 sq m / 5490 sq ft are available to store spare parts and materials used for marine related business activities.

Yacht Manufacturing Workshops

Workshop Area – 2522 sq m / 27,146.58 sq ft (leasable).


A showroom is a space used to display products/goods or merchandise. DMC offers showrooms of size 85.7 sq m / 922.47 sq ft to showcase your products.


Small retail spaces of sizes 64.48 sq m / 694 sq ft are available to offer a specified line of goods and services.

Office spaces

Office spaces of various sizes are available for establishment of client business within the city.

Ship Repair and Ship Building Plots

Ship Repair plots (SR plots) varying from 2,000 to 30,000 sq meters are strategically located with easy access to dry & wet berths, the shiplift facilities and open sea access.